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PepperDash Essentials is Now Open Source

On this Valentine’s Day, we thought the industry could use some love, so we decided to open source our most popular Crestron framework.

PepperDash Essentials is an open source Crestron framework capable of running a wide variety of system designs and can also serve as a standardized plug-in architecture to augment other Simpl# Pro and Simpl Windows programs.

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For IT Managers

Great Value

Benefit from previously developed functionality instead of paying yet another developer to re-create the same features.


The high adoption rate of open source software creates an efficient environment for resolving software defects, allowing for the creation of stable and dependable software.

Improved Support

Audiovisual systems developed from an open framework have a wider range of support options and are not as limited as other proprietary alternatives.

For AV Consultants and System Designers

Easily Specified

An open source software framework that creates a baseline for quality and performance that is freely available to all bidders at no additional cost.

Fully Configurable

PepperDash Essentials is capable of supporting a wide variety of system designs, without the need for additional software customization.


The underlying framework of PepperDash Essentials can be extended to support the demands of the most complex and unique system requirements.

For Developers

Latest Technology

For Crestron developers who want to stay current with the continuous advancements in Crestron programming, but who may not have the time or experience to author their own software framework.


For developers who enjoy working with and learning from their professional peers while also adding their own experiences and insights to the conversation.

Efficient & Flexible

Run it as a standalone program or utilize the plugin architecture to support a single device. PepperDash Essentials is designed for you to decide how much or how little to use on any given project.

Opening Essentials

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