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Advanced Room Scheduling Integration

PepperDash Connect™ enables communication between room signage and room scheduling systems.

  • Enable walk-up room reservations
  • Automatic synchronization between scheduling applications
  • Display room schedule and meeting information on room signage displays

To learn more, download our Summary of PepperDash Connect or view the latest release notes.

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Supports many of the most popular room scheduling solutions



Ad Astra




Crestron Fusion

AMX Resource Management Suite

Briefing Source

Coming Soon – Mobile Control and Room Signage

PepperDash Connect with Mobile Booking and Room Signage provides users the ability to directly interface with existing scheduling solutions from both their mobile devices as well as any room signage displays that support a modern web browser.

Mobile Booking

Mobile Booking provides a secure way for users to find and reserve meeting spaces while on the go. Ideal for higher education and other environments where users frequently move around and don’t have dedicated meeting spaces.

Room Signage

Room Signage allows for a customizable interface that is compatible with a wide variety of signage devices, providing flexibility in hardware selection while giving users the modern experience they expect.

If you are interested in extending the life of your current scheduling system while also providing additional features and functionality to your users, we’d be happy to discuss how PepperDash Connect with Mobile Booking and Room Signage can help.  Email or download our Connect product summary to learn more.

Annual Pricing

1st 50 rooms

  • Automatic synchronization between scheduling applications
  • Display schedule and meeting information on room signage displays
  • Enable walk-up room reservations

Additional blocks of 50 rooms


All subscription pricing is on an annual basis and includes access to software updates and installation support.

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