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PepperDash Portal

If you have more than 20 rooms with Crestron hardware, the PepperDash Portal™ can help improve your operational efficiency while providing real-time insights into your systems.

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  • Accurately define and share your audiovisual standards

  • Measure the effectiveness of your Ready for Business process

  • Securely store all engineering, firmware, and system configuration data

  • Manage data access at the organization and project level

  • Reporting on device firmware for real-time security audits

  • Transparency of status between project team members

  • Immediate feedback from non-compliant systems during install and system maintenance

Accurately Define

To ensure consistency and compliance at every step of the process, the PepperDash Portal™ enables you to specify the system design, control software, user interface and system configuration along with standard deployment and commissioning instructions.

Create a catalog of standard systems to lower procurement, deployment and support costs

Define options and specify compliance requirementsShare your standard systems with your space planning teams

Compatible with PepperDash Essentials

Define Standards

  • Create the company standard room types for your organization.
  • Include the system engineering, installation instructions, approved firmware and any control software or required DSP files.
  • Deploy instances of these standards across your organizations while maintaining tight controls over the attributes your field teams can modify.
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At a glance, view important details about a set company standard.

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Attach necessary files that meet the requirements set for each template.

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Create the company standard room types for your organization.

Efficiently Deploy

No more wondering who has the latest control software, how a device should be configured or where the current schematics are stored. It’s all in one secure and easily managed location. No need to edit code or figure out where the programmer wondered off to. Was Joe the programmer?

Easily provide the latest full-system package to your internal teams and external integration partners

Use a human-friendly web application to make system specific changes such display model and room name

Create and store room testing and commissioning reports
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Create a new deployed instance from an existing company standard template.

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Using a company standard template ensures consistency across all deployments.

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A simple user interface to enter essential info like system name and location.

Deploy  Systems

  • Create a new deployed instance from an existing company standard template.
  • Follow the provided system engineering and installation instructions to ensure consistency across all deployments.
  • Modify the in-room specific attributes such as room name and network information from an easy to use web-based interface.

Room Readiness

  • For every template room type, create a standard Room Readiness process.
  • Provide additional instructions to help define the expected testing procedure and desired outcome.
  • Enforces consistency in process across your organization and allows for the development of best practices.
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Set the standards required to meet a template's room readiness test.

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Report on individual system's room readiness, based on the standard set by the template.

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Summary view of systems within a template that passes or fails the readiness standard.

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View every system's room readiness report in list form.

Intelligently Manage

Technology advances. To keep pace, your audiovisual systems will need to be updated well after their initial room turnover date. The PepperDash Portal™ helps you efficiently manage these changes and track systems that are not in compliance with current company standards.

Generate reports to find systems that are not running approved versions of software or firmware

Create support tasks with specific actionable instructions to bring systems back into compliance

Generate system alerts and integrate with support ticketing systems

Integrate with Crestron Fusion for advanced usage reporting and analysis

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Enter the specific firmware, programs, and files needed for company standard requirements.

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See how individual systems fulfill the template's compliance requirements.

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Sort by compliance status, system, template or location.

System Compliance

  • The most advanced system analysis capabilities on the market today.
  • Receive positive confirmation that all of the correct files have been loaded to the correct system devices.
  • Find out in real-time if an installation is being done outside of standard operating procedures and is not meeting expectations.

Summary Data

  • Easy to read summary level statistics for how many total systems are deployed and of which standard template.
  • Data can be filtered by location, status, and system.
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One place for system and template stats, issues and activities.

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View and sort all systems by location, type or template.

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Sort system and template data by location, building, floor and room.

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View the most recent activity across all systems.

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