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PepperDash Services

We provide more than key insights and great software for your next project, our services help you build standards based solutions that can be scaled and professionally managed on a global scale.

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AVUX Consulting

AVUX Consulting is a unique, multi-step process that leads to a successful User Experience implementation by researching your users, iterating on functionality and design, and then verifying the final product in a fully installed pilot system.

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Fusion Optimization

Fusion Optimization

Audiovisual monitoring solutions, such as Crestron Fusion and AMX RMS are critical for successful AV Operations. To ensure you get the most from these technologies, our Fusion Optimization service provides professional network design, software installation and user training directly from our team of experts.

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Control Programming

AV Control Programming

As the largest provider of AV Control Programming services to the AV/IT market, and with thousands of successful projects and specialized proprietary software to draw from, we have the resources and expertise to tackle your most advanced, complex and mission critical systems.

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Hosted Crestron Fusion Icon

Hosted Crestron Fusion

Getting the most out of Crestron Fusion requires integration with control programs, a detailed device monitoring strategy, and specialized IT resources for support and maintenance.

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