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Software Standards for Enterprise AV

A proven and effective way to improve operational efficiency and get the most out of your IT budget is to standardize your technology infrastructure.

Surprisingly, a large number of companies with advanced audiovisual projects don’t take advantage of this approach.  Even today, most of these systems are treated as uniquely constructed offerings, each system custom fit to its space or only managed within the context of a single project.

By creating control software standards, you are able to deploy new systems quickly and cost effectively whenever they are needed and to also manage them with a consistent support procedures across your organization.

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Not every space fits neatly into a predefined list.   Auditoria, Training Centers, Network Operating Centers and Multi-Purpose Rooms all have unique requirements driven by their specific applications.

Highly Integrated Custom Spaces

As custom systems become more complex and user expectations continue to grow, the ability to provide a professional software solution takes more than knowing the latest programming tips-and-tricks.

To be successful, the software development for a highly integrated custom space requires:

  • A diverse team of specialists who have a firm understanding of the underlying hardware, software and enterprise-grade IT systems.
  • The ability to create an easy-to-use and highly maintainable software solution that keeps the complexity behind the curtain.
  • Knowing how to deploy a complex solutions while avoiding the hidden pitfalls these environments create.

This is why industry veterans continue to call on the team at PepperDash for their most complex integration challenges.  As the largest provider of control programming services to the AV/IT market, and with thousands of successful projects and specialized proprietary software to draw from, we have the resources and expertise to tackle your most advanced, complex and mission critical systems.

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