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Advanced Scheduling

Standalone scheduling systems rarely provide all the features organizations need to get the most out of their meeting and event spaces. The inability to integrate with IT & Management Systems, a user experience that doesn’t communicate your brand, and missing self-service options are all limitations of typical scheduling systems.

Our Advanced Scheduling solution extends the functionality of your current scheduling system to overcome these challenges and unlock its full benefits to your users.

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Key benefits

Everything users need

Integrating control, scheduling, and digital signage gives users the information and control they need to be self-sufficient.

Custom branding

Reinforce your brand and your client’s brand based on events in your space.

Maximize your investment

Ad-hoc reservations and other self-service features empower users to maximize use of collaboration spaces.

Specialized Scheduling at Executive Briefing Center

Fortune 500 cloud-services firm modernizes client-facing briefing center with PepperDash’s Advanced Scheduling solution.


Our client has been using a very popular and well-known scheduling software application to operate a client-facing executive briefing center.  However, the scheduling software was not integrated into the collaboration technology, making schedules unavailable to clients and guests. To make up for this, schedules and wayfinding were printed per-event, adding to the overhead and work required to host major conferences. Our client was searching for a way to eliminate the manual work by bringing live schedules and interactive wayfinding into their space.


PepperDash designed a solution with our PepperDash Connect software serving as an interconnection between the scheduling software and Crestron Fusion.  This allowed the scheduling data to be sent to the custom control software used to drive the interactive touch panel displays.

At the front of the Executive Center, an interactive display was then designed with floor plans and indicators representing the current room status. Users can click on any room to view meeting information for that room, including the briefing agenda, a list of speakers, and scheduled participants. Outside each room, scheduling panels display the schedule for that room along with any detailed event information. When appropriate, users can also book ad-hoc meetings directly from the scheduling panel if the room is available.


Before implementing, the events team relied on pen, paper, and manual data entry to schedule meetings and inform participants. The new solution reinforces our client’s brand, provides elegant and effective wayfinding functionality, is accurate, easier to use, and requires less management from the client during events. In addition to operational benefits, schedule changes that would previously have gone unrecorded, are now catalogued, empowering the client to better assess their room needs in the future.