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Mobile Control

Deliver the mobile experience users expect and reduce unnecessary contact with shared surfaces. As service owners address public health concerns in collaboration spaces, security, scalability, and ease of implementation are key considerations.

With PepperDash Mobile Control™, users can securely control collaboration spaces from their phone as easy as:

  1. SCAN a QR code or enter a url on your phone
  2. CONTROL calls and content

Leveraging personal devices for control not only reduces contact with shared surfaces, it also provides convenience and comfort.

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Key benefits

Address health concerns

Provide control without the concerns associated with touching communal surfaces

Deploy with confidence

Mobile Control is easily added to existing Crestron systems and is restricted to your secure network

Delight your users

Give users the intuitive mobile experience they expect

Prestigious Law Firm Eliminates Barriers to Collaboration


A 2018 Top Five Innovative Law Firm (Financial Times) noticed a growing reluctance and fear around using touch panels in collaboration spaces. With client collaboration as a key element to their success, they needed a solution that would excite users and encourage use of their collaboration spaces.


As the world has become accustomed to everything-mobile and easy-to-use apps, the solution was clear: bring collaboration control to user’s phones and tablets. To accomplish this, we installed a PepperDash Mobile Control server to provide the user-interface, access management control, and communication required with the in-room control systems.  We then modified the existing Crestron control systems to be compatible with the Mobile Control server and subsequently redeployed the software on the clients infrastructure.  With a focus on software-centric solutions, this was accomplished without requiring the purchase or installation of additional hardware.


By implementing PepperDash’s Mobile Control solution, users no longer have to use what had become a symbol of complexity: the meeting room touch panel. Users can now walk into a room and begin controlling the collaboration and in-room systems from the convenience and comfort of their mobile phone or tablet.

By bringing presentation control to a format users are already comfortable with, guests no longer need to seek help or training to utilize collaboration spaces: freeing up support resources and improving the client experience.