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Personalized Presets

Today’s users expect technology to remember who they are, be customizable to their preferences, and to automate repetitive tasks.

Unfortunately, before beginning their class, meeting, or presentation, most users are relegated to repeatedly pressing the same sequence of buttons to set up a room to their needs. Consider the number of reoccurring meetings and use cases and that is a lot of button pressing through the year.

Our Personalized Presets & Preferences solution provides the personalization and automation that users expect while maintaining the consistent look and feel they are familiar with today.

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Key benefits

Reliable results

With one-press presets, users get the results they expect with one tap. 

More efficient room setup

Less time pressing buttons means more focus for the task at hand.

A smoother experience

Allowing users to customize preferences results in an improved user experience

Presets at The Wharton School

Wharton was aiming to reduce the time required to power on and set up classrooms at the beginning of each class. Configuring the classroom is both repetitive and lengthy, consuming valuable professor focus. To meet this need, PepperDash implemented the personalized presets solution to automatically configure classrooms at the beginning of each class based on professor preferences.


Wharton wants professors to be focused on their students and education, not AV. Unfortunately, projectors need to be turned on, content needs to be routed to screens, and volume, lights, and shades all need to be configured for a professor’s presentation. Configuring the classroom environment at the beginning of each class distracts professors from the priority: students.


As professors log into the classroom computer, their custom presets are fetched from a central data store and sent to the Crestron processor in their classroom. The Crestron processor then configures the room per the professor’s default preset for the type of classroom they are in. Lights, shades, volumes, projector screens, and content are all configured without a single press of the touch panel. Not only does the classroom configure itself, but the touch panel displays additional presets saved by the professor, allowing them to switch between a multitude of classroom presets with one touch.

Benefits & Evolution

With presets in place, we are working with Wharton to make this process even more efficient and effective. Currently, we are evaluating the classroom user experience end-to-end: Wharton classrooms have many capabilities, leading to an intimidating variety of controls. We’re exploring how personalization could reduce touch panel time by enabling faculty to keep the controls they use and hide the ones they don’t.